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Is the future of spine care interdisciplinary?

Chairs: TBC

 09.00        The latest news on the legislation of multidisciplinary spine care

                     P. Van Schaeybroeck (Bonheiden)

Is interdisciplinary spine care an added value? Models and experience from three different settings

09.20         The surgeons’ experience

                      L. Moke (Leuven)

09.40         The algologists’ experience

                     K. Van Boxem (Genk)

10.00         The PMR specialists’ experience

                     K. Sauer (Antwerp)

10.20         Discussion


10.30 Coffee Break and Visit of the Exhibition


Controversies in surgical and conservative treatment of low back pain – Part 1

Chairs: TBC

11.00        A critical view on exercise therapy                                                                                                           

                   L. Danneels (Ghent)

Patient centered care: The spine patient

11.30        A patient-centered approach towards patients with low back pain                                          

                   A. Berquin (Brussels)

11.50        Experience from patient focus groups in the KCE studies

                   P. Jonckheer (KCE)


12.10   Lunch Break and Visit of the Exhibition


Controversies in surgical and conservative treatment of low back pain – Part 2

Chairs: TBC

 13.30       Surgical treatment of adult deformities

                   M. De Kleuver (Nijmegen)

14.00       Conservative treatment of adult deformities

                   S. Negrini (Milan)



  14.30         Introduction

                      E. Munting (President Eurospine)            

                    Status quaestionis and current policy topics with regard to spine care in Belgium

                     P. Facon (Director-general Healthcare at the Ministry of Health)


15.00 Coffee Break andVvisit of the Exhibition


The digital revolution in medicine and how it will affect our practice

Chairs: TBC

15.30         PROM registry: Pros and cons based on the set-up of a pilot spine registry

                    B. Depreitere (Leuven) & J. Van Lerbeirghe (Ghent)

16.00        Usefulness of PROM registration in pain therapy

                    D. Wildemeersch (Antwerp)

16.20       Proms and Prems: Present and future

                   J. van Bussel (Healthdata)

16.40       Digital care pathways: Turning patients into active participants                                                                

                   T. Vande Casteele (Awell)



 17.00         Introduction

                     J. Van Lerbeirghe (Ghent)       

                   My experience as a patient and what it learned me for collaboration and change processes

                    M. Herremans (motivational speaker and coach – Triathlete)


Poster prize and presentation

 17.30         Closing remarks: The future of spine care in Belgium and Europe and the role for the SSBe             

                     P. Van Schaeybroeck (Bonheiden) &  E. Munting (President Eurospine)